Student Involvement

The Honors College values deep and meaningful student engagement outside of the classroom. The college accomplishes this engagement through a variety of opportunities that students can mix and match to create the most relevant experience for their post-UMass Boston plans.    

Drawing on the Riches of Boston

We are in a city and region with a wealth of cultural, medical, scientific/technological, governmental, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Honors seminars integrate field trips to some of the area’s best-known sites and institutions. For example, the seminar on Beethoven includes a trip to Symphony Hall to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The seminar on Boston’s Harbor Islands features several boat trips (which originate right at our very own boat dock!) to various harbor islands to study geological features formed by the movement of glaciers centuries ago, to study evidence of the Native American presence, and assess the impact of settlers.

Connecting Local and Global

“International Epidemics” is a year-long cross-cultural symposium for juniors and seniors. During the fall semester, students consider past and current epidemics with experts from such fields as biology, chemistry, history, economics, literature, theatre, and health care; during the spring, they focus on the complexities of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. The symposium also offers students the opportunity to travel to South Africa to witness the realities of health care delivery and, as Dean Srikanth puts it, “learning how to see differently and hear differently, and in the process learning how to think in ways to which they are not accustomed.”  

Student Organizations

Honors students participate in a variety of co-curricular student organizations that help build resume quality skills such as leadership, public speaking, and budgeting. We have a complete list of clubs on campus. Want to be a part of a club that's not on this list? You can start your own club! Log onto the UMBeInvolved page for instructions on how to go about registering a new club.