Faculty & Staff

Many of UMass Boston’s most distinguished scholar-teachers as well as practitioners and individuals from outside of UMass Boston serve as Honors College instructors. Among them are:

Core Faculty

Rajini Srikanth

Dean of the Honors College and Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Human rights and literature; American literature (including Asian American literature, Native American literature, and literature of the American South); interdisciplinary approaches to literature; literature in the context of comparative race and ethnicities; pedagogy of literature; literatures of the Middle East

Megan Rokop

Associate Dean, Honors College


Steven M. Ackerman

Associate Professor of Biology -- Gene Regulation in Plants and Animals


Expertise: Gene Regulation in Plants and Animals

Randy Corpuz

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Psychology Department and Honors College


Expertise: Evolution and human behavior, developmental psychology, social neuroscience

S. Tiffany Donaldson

Professor of Psychology, Psychology Department and Honors College


Expertise: Brain changes underlying psychostimulant abuse; the female body’s natural response to pain, immediately preceding pregnancy and during delivery

Mary Oleskiewicz

Professor of Music, College of Liberal Arts

Mary.Oleskiewicz@hotmail.com; Mary.Oleskiewicz@umb.edu

Expertise: Flute (Modern Flute, Baroque Flute, Native and South American flutes), Musicology, Performance Practice, Chamber Music Coaching, Latin American Music and Dance, Organology

Affiliated Faculty

Nada Mustafa Ali

Lecturer of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, College of Liberal Arts

nada.ali@umb.edu & gender_justice@yahoo.com

Expertise: Gender and development; governance; human rights; militarization and post-conflict settings; HIV/AIDS; feminist theories and methodologies; the Middle East and Africa, including Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, and Egypt

Paul Atwood

Senior Lecturer in American Studies, College of Liberal Arts


Julie Batten

Associate Lecturer, Honors College


Daria Boeninger

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Lifespan development; developmental psychopathology and prevention of suicide; stress & coping processes; prevention and health promotion; longitudinal quantitative methodology

Jared Bridgeman (Akrobatik)

Visiting Lecturer, Honors College

Matthew Brown

Associate Professor of English and Graduate Program Director, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Global literatures in English; twentieth and twenty-first century British and Irish literature; transnational modernism; postcolonial theory, especially theories on human rights, humanitarian intervention, and citizenship; critical theory; film studies

Philip Chassler

Senior Lecturer of American Studies, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Working people's and labor history from the US Civil War to the present; early 20th-century American Fiction: Realism, Naturalism, and Modernism

Diane D’Arrigo

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Services


Todd Drogy

Senior Lecturer II in English, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Embodiment, space, and transcendence in the works of Allen Ginsberg; queer/sexuality studies; the philosophy and practice of anarchism; self, consciousness, and memory in contemporary science fiction; composition.

Sari Edelstein

Associate Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: 19th Century American Literature and Culture; Women Writers; History of Journalism; Age Studies; Print Culture Studies; Feminist and Queer Theory

Nir Eisikovits

Associate Professor of Philosophy & Director of the Applied Ethics Center


Expertise: Transitional Justice and Post War Reconstruction

Pacey C. Foster

Associate Professor of Management


Expertise: Creative industries

Christopher Fung

Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Race, nationalism, hybridity, museums, settler societies, archaeology, Mesoamerica, United States, Hawai`i, China and Sub-Saharan Africa

Itai Halevi

Senior Lecturer II in English, College of Liberal Arts


Avak Hasratian

Senior Lecturer II in English, College of Liberal Arts


John Hess

Senior Lecturer II in English, College of Liberal Arts


Holly Jackson

Associate Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: American literature and culture; American protest movements and utopian thought; the 19th-century novel; the Civil War era; African American studies; queer studies.

Michael Johnson

Professor and Chair, Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs, McCormack Graduate School


Expertise: Management science planning models for public-sector facility location and service delivery, with applications to assisted housing and senior services

Terry Kawashima

Professor of Asian Studies


Expertise: Heian and medieval Japanese literature and culture

Paul Kirshen

Professor of Climate Adaptation, School for the Environment


Expertise: Water Resources Engineering and Management

Kathryn Kogan

Senior Lecturer II in Psychology, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Addictive disorders, Impact of Chronic Illness, Adult Psychotherapy, Group Psychotherapy

Jeslyn Medoff

Senior Lecturer II in English, College of Liberal Arts


Daniel Messier

Senior Lecturer in English, College of Liberal Arts


Rosemary Minehan

Associate Lecturer, Honors College


Kristin Murphy

Assistant Professor of Special Education, College of Education and Human Development


Louise Penner

Associate Professor of English and University Fellowships Director


Expertise: Victorian literature

Mickaella Perina

Associate Professor


Expertise: Philosophy of law, social and political philosophy, contemporary French philosophy, Caribbean philosophy, race theory

Brittany Peterson

Senior Lecturer in English and Assistant Director of Composition, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Composition theory and pedagogy, writing studies, collaborative learning and writing, Executive Function coaching

Alexia Pollack

Associate Professor of Biology - Neurobiology


Expertise: Neurobiology

Rebecca Romanow

Senior Lecturer II in English, College of Liberal Arts


Jesus Antonio Romo

Associate Lecturer, Honors College


Reinmar Seidler

Research Assistant Professor and Associate Lecturer in Biology


Expertise: Evolutionary Biology

Jyoti Sinha

Lecturer of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Social Stratification, Immigration and Diaspora, International Labor Rights, Globalisation, Critical Theory, Public Sociology, Participatory Action Research, Ethnographic and Interview Methods, Social Movements, Global Sociology

C. Eduardo Siqueira

Associate Professor of Environment and Public Health, School for the Environment


Expertise: Environmental Justice

Rachel Skvirsky

Chair of the Biology Department and Associate Professor - Molecular Genetics


Expertise: Molecular Genetics

Robert Stevenson

Associate Professor of Biology - Animal Physiology


Expertise: Animal Physiology

Frederick Stubbs

Senior Lecturer II in Music, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: World music and ethnomusicology

Edward Tronick

Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: Developmental Psychology and Neurophysiology

Paul Watanabe

Director of the Institute for Asian American Studies and Professor of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts


Expertise: American Foreign Policy, American Political Behavior, Ethnic Group Politics, and Asian Americans


Abby Cheng

Program Manager and Science Student Career Mentoring Specialist, Honors College


Caitlin Ferrarini

Student Development and Career Mentoring Specialist, Honors College


Lisa Greggo

Assistant Dean, Honors College


Jason Roush

Program and Advising Coordinator, Honors College