2019 Ryan Award Winner Aims to Lower Health Care Costs

Colleen Locke | October 01, 2019

UMass Boston junior Urwah Kanwal is the 2019 winner of the John W. Ryan Award, the highest honor given to a UMass Boston junior. She will be honored at convocation on Wednesday.

Student Spotlight: Joseph Farah

Lisa Allen | September 13, 2019

In his time as a physics major at UMass Boston, Joseph Farah has done everything from coding for quantum mechanical research to hunting black holes with the Event Horizon Telescope.

Careers for the Future

Lisa Allen | September 13, 2019

The Initiative for Maximizing Student Development takes UMass Boston students beyond the realm of textbooks and in-class experiments to participate in the latest scientific inquiries.

Student Spotlight: Sarah Dubois-Coyne

Lisa Allen | September 13, 2019

In 2019, biochemistry major Sarah Dubois-Coyne was selected for the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and UMass Boston’s Entrepreneur Scholarship. She hopes to run her own neurobiomedical optics lab while working as a professor.

UMass Boston Physics Major Shares in $3M Breakthrough Prize for Black Hole Image

Colleen Locke | September 06, 2019

UMass Boston physics major and Honors College student Joseph Farah is sharing in a $3 million Breakthrough Prize for being part of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration that took the first image of a black hole in April.

Kid-Like Avatars Help Future Teachers Prepare for Students with Special Needs

Colleen Locke | August 15, 2019

Professor Kristin Murphy has secured grants that pay for avatars that look and talk like actual middle school students and their parents, so UMass Boston students have an opportunity to engage with and practice on someone other than their peers before getting into an actual classroom.

Virus or Bacteria: UMass Boston Researchers Develop Paper-Based Test for More Accurate Diagnosis

Colleen Locke | July 30, 2019

Associate Professor of Engineering Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli is one of the corresponding authors of a new paper that shows how the UMass Boston team used the biomarker Myxovirus protein A (MxA) and what looks like a sort-of pregnancy test to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections.

Honored for Student Leadership, UMass Boston Senior Receives Newman Civic Fellowship

Colleen Locke | May 23, 2019

Already making an impact on campus and at the state level on issues related to sexual assault and domestic violence awareness and prevention, UMass Boston senior Madison LaCure is one of the winners of the 2019-2020 Newman Civic Fellowship.

Beacon Student Success Fellowship Recipients Demonstrate the Power of Mentorship

Colleen Locke | May 07, 2019

Brianna Leonardo has worked on paper-based tests to detect viral infections in humans and bacteria in oysters and Madison LaCure developed a resource guide for the Governor’s Council to Address Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence aimed at civilians and those in the military.

UMass Boston Jumps 50 Spots in Forbes Best Value Colleges Ranking

Office of Communications | May 01, 2019

UMass Boston is ranked No. 247 on the 2019 Forbes Best Value Colleges ranking, up 50 spots from 2018.